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The Gospel Book in our church is a replica of ‘The St Cuthbert Gospel’ found in the coffin of the Saint when it was opened at Durham Cathedral in 1104, the differences being that our Book contains all four Gospels, not only that of St. John, and is much larger than the original. The latter was probably made in the second or third decade of the eighth century. For further information, please follow this link to the British Library website:

The bilingual text, in Greek and English, was a gift from our Archdiocese, and the binding was skilfully recreated by a Suffolk bookbinder, Mr Peter Whiteley. We are very grateful to both for their generosity, which has produced a modern day treasure that spiritually connects us in the most tangible way to this marvellous British Saint.

Our Father Among the Saints Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, the Wonderworker, intercede in our behalf!

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